Imagemaker Arts, is a very diverse studio of paintings, sculptures, airbrushing, artistic woodturnings, and hand carved and gilded gold signs. All created by American artist, Jack Davis.


I was born and raised in rural northern Missouri, and moved to Joplin Missouri in the Ozark Region, where I now make my home of nearly 30 years. My art studies and works are quite extensive including: painting, sculpting, founding, airbrushing, carving, gilding, glass design, commercial product design and development, vehicle show pieces, woodturning, photography, architecture, and building homes for a decade. Most of these things were more than just a whim, and I continue practicing most on a regular basis. Like many of my predecessors, my work is ever changing in form. I guess it is a "soul search", in fact I know it is.

Most of my past art career dealt with painting wildlife and nature. I traveled in the 80's with "The Masters Art Tour" of Atlanta, and received best of show for my efforts on several occasions. After that I have operated 3 art studios and galleries in Joplin, MO, currently at 1410 Main St. I have been married to my wife Diane, for 16 years. She owns a medical services company MedSourceOne, in Joplin.

One primary factor to my recent surge in work quality and quantity, I attribute to my Internet studies and forums. I'm in constant contact with gurus of all art forms and part of many constructive critiques. I have never proposed a question in which I didn't get an answer, and in most cases a good one. An example of its impact: I built nearly every component of my bronze foundry, from info exchanged in a metal working forum. That itself would have cost me a fortune without such a source.